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Top 5 Most Downloaded Maps



By GNRFrancisUser has map with 50,000+ downloads


The latest version of my mistral city recreation project. this new update now includes the wall breach and 1st and 2nd wall buttresses. please come to my facebook development page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Minecraft-Mistral-City-Project/103531543062009

BET with town (.rar) Enlarge

BET with town (.rar) - 44,872 KB

By Grimblade20User has map with 100,000+ downloads


Bet stands for Big Epic Treehouse. It has the main attraction, the treehouse, a town to the west, TheOneGaffer's Castle to the south, and many other smaller attractions including a hedge maze, a blimp, (The one from Aldona) 2 mob factories, a large farm,a Mega-Hotel with a theater and a indoor pool, many housing units in the town, shops in the town, and a large underground mine with floating torches. Oh and a giant tower of bookcases. I had too much papyrus. So in this map obviously I used INVedit, as well as MCEdit. I will be posting .schematics for all of my creations shortly. I figured I might as well treat you nicely, so make sure the difficulty is on normal, and check out the battle arena and mob factories as you are invincible. Oh and all your tools are infinite. Have Fun!

3 player SMP server Enlarge

3 player SMP server - 37,242 KB

By redrockUser has map with 75,000+ downloads


This is the map file of a 3player SMP server. The creators of the map are Red_rock, ligur and polyfiller. You can see a preview of the file here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQHLq6_SHrE&feature=email&email=comment_received

TheOneGaffer Enlarge

TheOneGaffer - 10,379 KB

By TheOneGafferUser has map with 75,000+ downloads


My single player map. The first castle was a legitimate build. For the second, I used INVEdit. There's more to the second castle than meets the eye... have you traveled to the basement? The reddit thread can be found Here


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  1. Lets make something new

    Posted: by The Admin

    I pose an interesting challenge to a community that downloaded 5.5 million maps last year; Lets move this beast to a new version. I'd like to put together a team of developers to make this site really shine. It's surpassed my wildest expectations, growing from a measly 300 hits per week, to well over 30,000 people a day. Are you a college programming student looking for a project to cut your teeth on, or a seasoned vet looking for your next project to conquer? Drop me an email with a brief summary of your skill set and how you think you could help. If I can get together a small team of dedicated programmers and/or designers I believe we could really make this into something huge (Open Source?).

  2. Changes...

    Posted: by The Admin

    Ok, we need to have a talk. I all know you've noticed that the site is thowing more and more 503 errors, which happens when I run out of memory to run the application. I made the decision last week to go from a shared hosting package to a VPS account. In a nutshell, right now my host gives very little control. If something goes wrong, I have contact tech support and wait for someone to fix it. A VPS is still a shared account, but I get a lot more resources and I get complete control over the server. This comes at much higher cost, which is 5x the cost I have been paying per month to host the site. We're now serving 700,000 people a month and gobs of bandwidth, all free to the users.

    With all that being said, I'm configuring the new server to come online in the next two days. There could be downtime, but hopefully there will not be. I'll first be moving over the website files followed by the database and domain on the following day. It may cause the site to go slow for a while while everything gets sorted out. All of this change will hopefully lead to a much larger, long awaited updated site for you to use. I can't say when that will be out, but I will say that I think you'll like the new site's functionality a lot more than the current one.

  3. Hosting Issues again...

    Posted: by The Admin

    Without fail, I'm starting to run into capacity issues again. I may end up having to upgrade to a larger host again. If you're a hosting company and think you could help, please let me know, Minecraft@MinecraftWorldShare.com.

  4. Application failure is not fun

    Posted: by The Admin

    Minecraft World Share completely crashed early this morning. I have had to resort to a backup made yesterday. The SQL database corrupted itself along with the application taking itself offline made this morning one I will note down. The only damange done was a loss in download counts for 15 hours, four users accounts and their verification status, and one map upload. I am working to see if I can recover them, but it does not look like I will be able to.

  5. Hosting Issues Resolved!

    Posted: by The Admin

    Made a change to the nameservers of this domain and it looks to be fixed. Users can now make and validate their accounts again.

  6. Hosting issues

    Posted: by The Admin

    Creating user accounts and validation will be down for a bit as I sort out an issue sending out emails. All users that have created an account in the past three weeks will automatically have their account validated. Incorrectly configured DNS settings may have caused an outage with my hosting.

  7. Account Validation Errors

    Posted: by The Admin

    Over the past two weeks, the error log has been catching errors when a few users try to validate their account for map uplaods. I'm looking into why this is going on, and think its something to do with server memory not being allocated. If you get an error when validating, please logout, log back in, and then try to validate your account again. I'm working on the background engine again to see if I can somehow test for server memory being allocated.

  8. Version 1.1

    Posted: by The Admin

    Updates galore. New looks, added features and much more on the back end. Users are now able to remove their maps they've uploaded and unlink child maps that don't belong to their map. Find the new features in the My Account link on the navigation bar after logging in. Thanks for all the feedback from everyone. There's another content update in the pipeline that should come put pretty soon to answer a few users security concerns of direct link downloads from external sites.

  9. New Server

    Posted: by The Admin

    MinecraftWorldShare appears to have melted the old server at GoDaddy, so it seemed like a good time to switch. I've purchased a new server account and will be moving the content over tonight! If all goes well, you'll be able to read this.

  10. Fixed Download Bug

    Posted: by The Admin

    The last update introduced a bug where users were unable to download maps without logging in. That's fixed now. Sorry about that guys

  11. Validation Emails

    Posted: by The Admin

    Validation emails are sent out instantly but it seems like my SMTP server may take up to 3 minutes to send an email out sometimes. If you don't get the email, search your account for Minecraft@bschaefer.net. If you still don't get it, log in to the site, click My Account and then under Validation Status, click the button that says Resend. It'll send another email out the the address specified in your account (you can also update that too before you click the button(apply the changes first) and it'll send an email to your updated address).

  12. Alpha Release

    Posted: by The Admin

    Welcome to the Minecraft World Share server. Here you can share your Minecraft maps with the world. If you need help understanding how to upload or what to upload, see the help link in the navigation bar.


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